Tina Rowley

writer + (performer) + [space left blank for surprises]

Here are a few pieces I've published elsewhere:

"How Do You Write a Memoir If You're Not Positive You Exist?" Medium, 10/8/16

"In Defense of Spirituality (With or Without Religion)," Quiet Revolution, 9/9/15

"How (and Why) I Meditate,"  Quiet Revolution, 7/28/15

"On Finding the Soul (And the Courage to Write About it)," Quiet Revolution, 6/1/15

"The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail," The Stranger, 11/19/14

"Love and Dinner," The Stranger (group feature), 1/29/14  

"Losing It: On the Life, Death and Rebirth of My Hair," Tue/Night, 4/1/14

"Me & Jo: When a Friendship Breaks Apart," Tue/Night, 7/22/14

"Dear Wizard," The Seattle Star, 10/11/12

Selected Gallivanting Monkey posts:

"The Star Sailors of Sacajawea," 9/15/11

"Nicotina@AOL.com," 2/12/14

"Over the River and Through the Woods," 4/23/14

"I Be Blowin',"  2/19/14

"Popular,"  7/16/14

"The Seeker,"  4/30/14

"Cherchez La Femme,"  7/2/14

"Wild Mushrooms,"  1/20/11

"Freak,"  3/19/14

"The Mighty Bouche,"  10/8/14

"J. Crew Emergency Teams and Procedures,"  1/24/13

"Self-Consciousness,"  7/9/14

"Anna Stesia,"  11/5/14

"Trails," (sensitive material)  4/9/14

"The Great Chocolate Robbery," (sensitive material)  9/16/14

Gallivanting Monkey Red Carpet posts: 

"The Illuminated Oscars,"  3/4/15

"The Adeledazeem Awarbs,"  3/5/14

"All The Golden Ladies,"  1/15/14

"The Metropolitan Superfly Space Gala," 5/7/14

"Bringing the Emmys Alive in 5-7-5,"  9/10/14

"Ye Olde 500th Annualle Oscarre Dresstravaganza Commentarye and Reviewe,"  2/27/12

"Tony Tonē Tonë,"  6/11/14

"Expired Oscar Fashion Commentary," 3/6/11