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nablopomo day 23: no one will care if I don't post

Except me. I will care. But this will be the tiniest post ever because I'm being a pirate on Facebook right now and so is Dave - on different computers - (we are the sexiest! couple! in! the! world!) and we keep throwing bombs at each other and leaving monkey/dynamite booby traps for each other and oh my god you guys it's awesome. It's like we're connecting, you know?

When we renew our vows someday I want us to do it on

this deserted Facebook pirate island. We can SEARCH FOR SOME BOOTY IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN oh man that is rich arrgh I be killing myself. Killin' myself. Killing myself sounds like I am taking my life. I'm not taking this life! I've got gold to live for, and monkeys!

Arrgh, back to enemy waters. Tomorrow I'll tell you about me voiceover I did today. This old salty dog loves doing voiceovers.

happy birthday, stan: part one

This beautiful guy here is Dave's dad, Stan Rowley. He would have been 64 today. He died in March 2004, of lung cancer. But Dave and I met late in 2003, so I got to meet him and spend a little time with him. Lucky!

I'm going to do this like a Christmas stocking, where I pull out an item and we look at it together. It'll be a belated birthday stocking. That's what.

*A good thing about falling in love with Dave is that here's a man who knows what true love is - he got to see it in action all his life, watching his mama and papa. Stan and Larraine were together for forty years and they were like teenagers all the way. Intensely, madly in love. It's great to join a clan that has that kind of goodness at its base, right?

To be continued tomorrow.