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a slow, sure trip up the metaphorical himalayas

I'd like to think that's what I'm taking. What in actuality I'm taking is a slow trip partway up the Himalayas, and then getting a craving for M & M's and running back down to Katmandu, and then remembering that I like watching Gossip Girl and going back to my living room, and then thinking about how cool it would be to go up the Himalayas, and then packing a bag, and then looking at the bag a few minutes later and thinking, "What's this bag for?", and then unpacking it, and then remembering, and then swearing and repacking it, and putting some M & M's and a People magazine in the backback, and then pulling the People out and sitting on the floor and reading it, and then throwing it away, and then zipping the backpack and going out the door, and getting on the plane, and heading up the Himalayas, and stopping to take a lot of photographs of myself at base camp, and looking at them and wondering if I could just tell people I went to the top, and also deciding I need a bang trim, and running back down and getting one, ET. CETERA. AD. INFINITUM.