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the below post is a weird delayed ghost

For those of you who read my post of a few days ago that had the same Sheila E video embedded in it, and are now like WHY IS IT HERE AGAIN?, I apologize. When I uploaded it on Saturday, it didn't seem to do it, so I did it again. And then it showed up in my Saturday's post like I wanted it to. But then it just showed up again today. This is making me look like a crazy Sheila E fan who will be linking you to this obscure video every four days or so. I just wanted to make sure you guys didn't forget about this awesome song. The Belle of St. Mark, you guys! I'll post it again on Sunday just in case.

I don't think I'll be posting it again on Sunday but I don't know what YouTube has planned for me yet. Maybe it will make us revisit "Fox in Socks" or "Yes, We Can."