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eureka! maybe

Oh my god. Am I the first person to be drawing this analogy I'm about to draw?! I feel like Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity or something. I'm probably not the first. I'm surely the fiftieth. I thought I was the originator of "_________y Mc _________erson". Without a doubt I was not.


It's perfect. It's not perfect. It's almost perfect. I think it's good. It's good. It's good enough.

During the Democratic debate last night -- now I'm Isaac Newton -- an apple fell on my head and I understood that:

and also - Oedipal, but

so naturally

and for extra credit we feature

which leads to

and since the lily has already been gilded to within an inch of its life and the idea is getting sort of cheapened and diluted from the first relatively pristine group of three you might as well but I'm sure I'll wish I didn't just because it's not very elegant or surprising

Yeah. Three is way better than six. Unless four through six are totally out of left field.