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nablopomo day 24: aussie! aussie! aussie!

Oi! Oi! Oi!

Elections just happened in Australia, and their conservative prime minister -

this crankypants right here, John Howard - has just been voted out of office after eleven years! The Labor party candidate won! And now Labor is in control all over Australia!

Hello, Kevin Rudd! Congratulations.

PLUS! The Green party now holds the balance of power in the senate, so ain't nothing going to fly without their say-so. Go Earth!

We Aussie battlers - large, small, and ersatz alike - are going to celebrate tonight. We're going to have

meat pie and chips but not with the new prime minister and a morning television personality dancing on it. I will also make it without the words "iStockphoto" on it.

Also, I'm going to make pavlova....

....delicious, delicious pavlova, the nationally beloved dessert of Australia.

Crikey! Have a go, ya mug! Ratify the Kyoto treaty! Be a harbinger of things to come*!

*It's the only kind of harbinger you can be, I think. You never hear about any other harbingers. Poor other harbingers with their low, low profile. Maybe they like it that way. Maybe they're a private people.