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nablopomo day 30: hoot! hoot! bing bong gong ding ding!

At first I was like, what me thinkin'? Doing National Blog Posting Month like this. But I love it and I'm one of the people who's going to take this daily blogging thing and keep doing it. Except for weekends or if I'm crushed under a bookcase. Earlier in another post I was all, I'm going to do National Blog Posting Thirty Years instead. I was greatly underestimating my love of communicating things to people all the time. I try my hardest not to come across that way in person. It's important to me to be a person who doesn't talk people's ears off. You're welcome!

But I really like writing people's eyes off. I think it's a generous thing to do because I can be rambling on and on and you can simply walk away from the screen and run a bath. And I will never know. Well, I might know. I could see you in person and be like, so tell me what you thought about paragraph four of the post of December 12th! And if you're not like...oh, yes, the Chinese restaurant story, very winning...then I'll know. But I'm not going to ambush you like that, unless you're Dave, and then I'm only going to do that the minute I wrote the post and dragged you over to the computer to look at it and read it over your shoulder while you were reading it and asked you all the time which part you were chuckling about. I won't do it two weeks later. Dave. So don't worry.

Finally, I introduced these guys way back at the beginning of NaBloPoMo and then I totally abandoned them. So here they are in their final star-studded appearance. You will surely have to click to enlarge or else you are truly, truly bionic. If it doesn't work, tell me and I will...do something. I don't know what that would be. I will try and fix it! I don't know how I would do that. But...something!

nablopomo day 15: ffffffffffffft

You know when your day starts out with a 911 call that blogging is not going to be your top priority. Everyone's all right. My mom is on a pulmonary embolism watch. Most likely she's fine. But we had some drama. And I don't have the verve to give Stan the post he deserves. Part Two of the Stan post will come as soon as I am full of the necessary beans.

National Blog Posting Month. It's not mandatory. There is no big carrot at the end of it for the blogging rabbit of me. Why am I doing it? Because I said I would and I want to keep my word. Damn it.


Oh, lord, ha ha! Ha. Ha ha ha. So much. I am swimming in it. I have no other qualities. Just that one.

Goodbye, November 15th. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

yes, it is, honey. yes, it is.

This is a Pink Pearl apple. Can you believe it? Can you believe its pearly pink flesh? You may have thought MY GOD WOMAN YOUR GUMS ARE BLEEDING GET THEE TO A DENTIST but no! This is the weird true pink flesh of this apple. Also, it's delicious.

This is how the apple looks not in my hand but on my computer table. Hmm! I see!

Here is Dave, preparing his water bottle. He'll be drinking water with...

...this bean and cheese quesadilla. Poor Dave. Me, I am eating these weird, lyrical apples, and he is eating prosaic stuffed tortillas. I chronicle this. I'm chronicling this.

Yes, it's NaBloPoMo. Day 6. Dave's quote while this last picture was being taken:

It's going to be a long month, isn't it.

It's important to note that he didn't say it like a question.

november second = november first (because it simply must be)

I will tell you who these ladies are at the end of the post.

Look, I just now found out about and signed up for NaBloPoMo, which is of course, National Blog Posting Month, so today I'm going to post twice and right now I'm pretending that today is yesterday. So I didn't miss anything. Time, time is nothing but a construct, people. Yesterday is today is tomorrow. Be here now. But yeah, so this means I have to put up a new post every day during November. And I will. OH MY GOD, ARE YOU SO EXCITED?! QUALITY CONTENT AT QUANTITY PRICES OR SOMETHING!!

Last year I did NaNoWriMo, which is National Novel Writing Month, and I did it, I won, I wrote a 50,000 word "novel". Or, you know, 50,000 words of a novel. Maybe sometime when I don't know what to tell you here in NaBloPoMo, I will post excerpts. Unless I chicken out.

But having done NaNoWriMo - which requires a big old word count and everything - if I can't pull off NaBloPoMo I am a total pussy of the highest order.

This post is a post, see? This is the one in which I introduce you to the concept of the month. This is the post where I invite you to come back every day and look at new words. You can even come back later today, because today is two days because time is my flunky.

All right. Now. Why the ladies? Why that row of ladies at the top of the post? Well, first I just stuck them up there because I wanted to have a picture and I felt that this post supported randomness. But now I've decided that those Dawn dolls are my NaBloPoMo...group of...they're my committee. My jury. Some furies. The Chorus. A peanut gallery. They will be by to offer commentary or judgement or just to lurk around. I will name them later, in another post, because you gotta spread it out during NaBloPoMo.

P.S. Hey! My husband just got poems published in a real print journal for the first time! Our copy arrived today. It's called Mimesis. Three poems in there! He is famous and great and I am proud of him. Here is his blog. Go make out with him. No, don't! He's my husband! My God!