Tina Rowley

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the eagle has landed

Bing bang boom bang ding dong ding-ding-ding!

Got three positives last Friday from two other brands, but First Response Early Result was like, "I don't think so." Just like it'd been saying all week. And even though I knew I was pregnant, I just couldn't go public until I'd cracked that goddamn First Response mofo. It was like the hard-to-get person you're trying to date. All these other dudes are already into you, but Distant Guy...no one else will do. What a chowderhead I am. Have I learned nothing?!

This morning, Distant Guy was finally like, mumble mumble, if you're not doing anything on Friday, we could catch a movie or something.


But I will be busy, First Response Early Result. EPT was with me from the get-go. We're gonna go to a Wiggles concert. Eat our dust!

Oh man, I'm so excited. (Not about the fake Wiggles concert.) We're out of our minds over here. And I feel like I'm constantly doing a thousand sit-ups.

That shit was fast, wasnt' it? I should have gotten a whole different birds and bees talk. Tina, a baby comes when you say it will.

When I was first pregnant with Finn, I similarly shouted it to the internets pronto. The same philosophy applies. I would have to not blog for three months to keep this on the down low. It's not a possibility for me. I'm going to be out here celebrating from the word go. And should something bad happen - which it will not, because my womb is totally obedient - I will be out here dealing with that openly as well. I can't do it another way. I stand in awe of those who can keep their counsel on this stuff.

By regular due-date calculations, the newest Rowley is aiming for....Christmas Eve. I'm going to be whispering into my womb for nine months, "It's always good to be a couple of days early."