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i forgot to tell you about christmas

It was truly the best Christmas I've ever had in my life. Magical, seriously, from top to bottom. The concept of Christmas kicked in for Finn this year and it was so, so good.

Also, beautiful Larraine (my mama-in-law) was with us from Australia again, and she and Finn have become thick as thieves. We're going to nail her feet to the floor. It'll hurt, but she'll get used to it. The plane back to Australia on Tuesday will have to live with an empty seat. And she'll have to live with some flesh wounds. It'll all be all right.

And it snowed! On Christmas! In Seattle! I've lived here since 1978, and that's maybe happened 3 or 4 times, tops. Larraine had never seen it snow. So, you know, sweet! She was amazed that it came down so slow. She thought that it would rocket down a little faster, being all icy and whatnot. She wasn't prepared for the slow, silent, stealth factor of snow. And the snowflakes started tiny but grew to the size of cookies, cartwheeling their way to Earth in slow motion. We were dying with pleasure.

Usually we do our presents on Christmas Eve, and just have stockings on Christmas morning, and then we either host or go to someone else's house for dinner on Christmas day. This year we had our favorite ancient couple over for dinner on the afternoon of the 24th, and just stayed at home in our pajamas, essentially, for rest of the holiday. Sweet fruit, fruities! Uninterrupted leisure. Snow. Fire in the fireplace. Stellar moods. Extreme relaxation. Finn all, WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHO IS THIS SANTA, WHY DO I HAVE THIS UNBELIEVABLE NEW VACUUM?! (Don't ask. He loves vacuuming. I don't know.)

And then there were all sorts of synchronicities and magical things afoot. Books being open randomly to incredibly meaningful passages for the book openers. Departed loved ones making their presences felt. And also SNOW! And French toast and chocolate and wine.

Come and behold it.