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bloomerang CPR underway

You know my other blog? The one you thought was dead? Or never knew was alive? Medics are attending to it, and it has stopped flatlining.

It had the longest near-death experience ever. It shouldn't have survived. Maybe it's going to have that look in its eye, now. If you could see what I've seen, you wouldn't fear the death of your blog. It's BEAUTIFUL.

It was like, I have to go back...my readers...reader...Tina...the author...same thing...she needs me. My reader/author needs me...I can't die yet. It's so peaceful here. It's light. A garden. Blogs I have known and loved before. It's tempting to stay. But I know I get to come back someday.

Bloomerang is the blog where I put the things that don't fit here. Things what are more contemplative, less baby-driven. Heavier. Or more random. Look if you like. Or just malinger around here, malingerer.

You're not a malingerer. I don't know why I said that. I'm sorry. Let's not fight. I love you.