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jesus wouldn't try to get away with pants

Here are two retarded amuse-bouches for today's post - a couple of t-shirts that I enjoy:

I particularly like the first one. Jesus is so adorably game. Look at you go, buddy!


Hey! Are you in Seattle? Then you should buy a ticket and come to a benefit for the theater company I'm a part of, which be Printer's Devil Theatre. It will be grand! A hot, hot party. It's a


Click on the links up there and find out more, but I'll tell you this - it's on February 10th at the McCleod residence in Belltown. Doors open at 9:30. You have to wear a red dress. You cannot fudge it, culottes-style. You can't wear it over pants. Be you man or woman, you must be wearing a red dress.

I'm putting together the music. Tell me the song that you love that makes you knock over your grandmother on the way to the dance floor and leave her there squirming while you shake your callous ham. Seriously, tell me. I want to know. Especially if you're coming. But even if you're not, tell me.

Note to the small boy: I hope that's a belted t-shirt dress otherwise your sister's getting in and you're not. I see khakis. I think you might be screwed.