Tina Rowley

writer + (performer) + [space left open for surprises]

the fuss budget is in dire need of adjustment, or, S.O.S.

We are over budget. The fussing has exceeded its set limit. But we do not want the fuss budget increased. We should strive to spend less.

If you are someone I know, and you've recently emailed me and I haven't emailed you back, that's only because you're not apparently on fire and shrieking in my ear. It isn't you. I promise you that someday I will email you back.

Oh my god, he's awake again. Anything could happen. He might eat me.

This may be my last entry.*

*not really. This is a reference to a joke we had when Bald Faced Lie was touring Canada. We liked the idea of a Donner party-ish trip journal like this:

Day 1

9:45 a.m. Camp is set up, breakfast is on the fire. We anticipate a smooth trip to Edmonton, and spirits are high.

11:00 a.m. This may be my last entry.