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Welcome to the internet home of Tina Rowley. Here you'll find my blog, links to my other published writing, and whatever ends up climbing into the space I left blank for surprises.










Also, mrrraow! Look at Man and Bun, Hot out of Oven. Man is now extremely cold out of oven, but yet still hot.

By the way, that was when Finn was just a baby. He's been here for two weeks now. Now he can kick my ass just with his neck muscles alone.

I hope you didn't get any milk on you during the reading of this post. If you didn't, it's more than I can say for myself.

More later.

P.S. I milkily make out with all of you kind commenters. As I've been recuperating and your comments have been coming in, they have made me weep with all of your sweetness. Salty sweet reading. I thank you many times. XO.