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I'm changing my color scheme now because a) I was tired of the Miami preppy theme and b) once I give birth to the bunny, I think I won't want to spend four hours futzing around with my template and the non-dithering color chart. Not now, Finn. Hold up, child. You'll eat soon. I just have to try fifteen or sixteen more looks for the hover-over-the-link color. What do you think of #CCFFOO? Is it...? No, you're right. Too muted. That makes me cry, too. Shhh. Hang on. I'm fixing it.

I call this new color scheme

"Blueberries and the Sea"*.


Some people who have different brands of blogs have a little thing at the bottom that says "current song".

Current song: Styx, Too Much Time on My Hands

Good night.

Edit: All right. For La Ketch, I have altered my beloved Blueberries and the Sea scheme. She wanted it all legible and shit. But that's it.

*Blueberry Lagoon*

stays like it is now, unless I get like 25 comments that are like, I can't read Blueberry Lagoon. And Miami Preppy can never come back. It was making me want to pull off my eyelashes.