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happy new year

Hello, everyone! Look, I know this same picture is over there in my profile, but I wanted it on here a little bigger for a minute. When the picture is smaller, I look like a snaggletoothed hillbilly. I wanted this picture to be slightly cuter for a minute, before I embrace the small snaggletooth.

How I love to change the colors in the template! Oh! Jesus! The pleasure it brings me!

I have very little to offer you today. But:

Up there is a little hobbit house from the Lord of the Rings set.

Yes, but why?

I will tell you why. Dave and I are going to sell our beloved Pink House this year, because we are having a new house built for ourselves. My mom lives up in North Seattle, and the lower half of her lot is an unused orchard. (Well, no, it's a used orchard. Plums grow, get eaten. Apples live on it. Raspberries are there.) But now the orchard is going to be used for us living in it! We have a builder, and a great architect, and we are underway designing the joint.

We had our first meeting with the architect yesterday, and we got to tell him everything we wanted for the house: the specifics, the vibe of the place, the sort of architectural principles we wanted highlighted in the design. And the more we told him, the more of a glint he got in his eye! We love him, we love him. He asked us if we wanted some little space that could be used for casual performances, since he knew that so many of our friends are performers. What?! Thanks for asking! Yes, we would!

And best of all, as I was struggling along trying to articulate the sort of feeling we wanted in the place - not particularly traditional and not that cold icy modern angular feeling either, just something warm and rounded and harmonious with nature - he busted out with, "...Are you looking for something kind of like Bilbo Baggins' house?"


Sputter, sputter, point to the nose, on the nose, bingo, that's it.

Oh, architect. Architect. We love you.

Our builder (who's a dear old friend of the family) told us later that Guy (our architect) said that we had described a house he'd want to live in. So we know he's going to be working with his heart in it. We're so happy. Before the end of the year, we will be ensconced in our Bilbo Baggins house. With our boy.

We decided that if we have another child, and it's a boy, we're naming him Frodo. Frodo Rowley.