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we ignored bumbershoot, and now we're PAYING for it


We screwed up!! We screwed UP!! Arrrrgh....

Those minstrels in the grass are the HI-LARIOUS New Zealand comedy folk duo

Flight of the Conchords

and they were here in Seattle last weekend during Bumbershoot, our big arts festival.

We didn't know!!

Man, when I was in Australia with Dave, there was a stand-up show on television that we relied on, and Flight of the Conchords was on all the time. They were never one drop less than brilliant. And I don't like musical parody as a form AT. ALL. Their homage to Bowie...NO, sir. It can't have been that hilarious. And yet it was.

It was.

And they were here. When is that going to happen again? Maybe NEVER.

Thank you, Flight of the Conchords, for sneaking in and out of town and giving us a new, different kind of pain to feel these days. It aches. Arrgh.