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bean update, or really, plum update

Loyal, charming reader Eve has requested a baby update. Just for her I will provide one!

As far as I know, all is well with the little senator. The doctor says that I'm doing very well -- even told me, "You take very good care of yourself!" to which I was like, really? -- but it'll be a month or so before we can listen in on the little heartbeat and find out more about What Goes On with the wee messiah.

I haven't posted about it because I am in a very tedious state of constant hunger and queasiness, burping and gagging all over the shop. It's all, what will I eat next? No, no, no, no, no, maybe, YUCK, lemme try it, YUCK, wait, maybe, allright, here's something. Here's something I can eat. Eat. Eat. Wait. Quease. Repeat. I'm buh-ored with it! The inside of my mind looks like this:


Plus, I gotta lose that ob-gyn. It was a trial situation, she's my mom's gynecologist, and she's a nice enough lady, I suppose. But nope. Not a love connection. She has a very thick Chinese accent so I can't always understand what she's saying, she barks orders, and she's kind of dismissive. She's not relaxing. She's out. I can only imagine her barking an order at me during the birth process. I would WIG OUT on her. I would schedule a fistfight for a later date.

This has been the Bean Report.

edit: Do you realize that this is my FIFTH POST TODAY? I've gone berserk.