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the incoming

Friends of the Gallivanting Monkey, momentous news!


I understand that many expectant mothers keep a lid on the whole scene until a certain amount of time has elapsed.


And, might I say, HATS OFF to you, if you are! You are made of steel, of granite, of pure will! You are an enormous flexing muscle and I salute you, Amazonian Queen. Because the minute I found out my mouth opened like this:

and has not shut since, except perhaps when I've been asleep.

Trying to go to sleep the night we found out -- holy hell. How do you just go to sleep with that information in your pocket? Are you just like, well, I guess that's a day. G'night! And you click off the light and that's it, you're asleep? I mean, is that what you do? Did you do that? Because I lay there like, hummina-hummina-hummina-I'mpregnantohmygod-hummina-hummina-hummina until I ran out of power, I suppose, at some point.

We're dying to know what sex the little senator is going to be, but we don't want to guess, for fear of offending it. We don't want to be like, we think it's a boy! and have it be a cranky little girl in there who's all like, you always think I'm the other one, and I'm NOT. I'm gonna be in my ROOM! Or vice versa.

So, yes. Yes!

I'm blogging about this because my policy is FUCK IT. I am going to celebrate fully and openly from day one, and if, god forbid, we have any reason to stop celebrating, then I will turn on that dime and grieve fully with all I have right out here in the world.

We here at the Gallivanting Monkey have no choice. The way here is the Way of the Open Book.

More to come, good gravy, much, much more.