Tina Rowley

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the start of something big, and not just my hair

Friends, Romans, countrymen. Lend me your EYES! Because I made a picture go in here! I feel like Isaac Newton, like Marie Curie, like ROBERT J. OPPENHEIMER. Oh, it's all up or downhill from here, my friends, depending if you want to see photos of me and what have you or not. The above photo is from a couple of hours before my wedding, when I suddenly decided to launch a hairstyle out of the blue that I'd never tried before. I look placid in the photo, but I am not placid, not at all. I am thinking that I'm a dangerous wiener, that Dave is going to marry a crimped and foolhardy wiener. Luckily, fate intervened in the form of my friend Morgan, who guided my suddenly-deployed, wickety-wack, triple-barreled curling iron to nuptial success.