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a shout-out to the sphere, an unrelated picture, and an offer

Thank you for the small, generous outpouring of support for The Gallivanting Monkey. I feel that I should say that I didn't mean to imply that I was going to kill my blog, or stand by post-less while it expired. Friday was a day where I was mooning around, slumping against things, doing a taffy-pull with my spare angst. My blog isn't going anywhere, for I LOVE TO BLOG. But let it be known that I appreciate the loyalty and patience of my tiny band of readers.

On another note, I have the fever for MS Paint. It's so ham-handed and inviting! I made the above drawing playing around with the different features. So, listen! If you would like to commission a clunky little drawing of the subject/object/which is it? of your choice, leave your request in any comment box you like and I will do, let's say, one a week, more if the spirit moves.

I will fake requests if I have to, to save face.