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synaesthesia now??

It's ridiculous, ridiculous I tell you, for me to start this catalogue that I'm about to start for you at this time of night. But I feel like I need to ride these blog impulses, because sometimes I sit in front of this blog, and I really want to write something, but there's nothing in my mind but things like, "And then I was thirsty, but water didn't sound good, so I was like, maybe tea? But we were out of tea. Not totally out, but out of the good kind..." etc.

The colors of the days of the week in the calendar a couple of posts below are very close to the colors I see in the synaesthetic way for the days of the week. And I thought that in that vein I would tell you about my color and gender and personality associations for each letter in the alphabet. I will use the colors I have access to here, but they may not be close enough, so I'll describe the difference.

A is a girl, straightlaced - no surprise, there. "A" Student.
B is a warmhearted, fat, male-to-female transsexual who loves to make pancakes.
C is a popular girl, but 2nd in command, S's toady.
D is a boy, quiet, flies under the radar. Studious.
E is an irritating boy, a non-stop un-funny wisecracker.
F is a girl, just a tad prissy, with a voice that sounds like she has braces.
G is an extremely popular boy, student body president, loved by peers and adults, both. He's got a firm handshake.
H is a boy, very literary and well-read. Okay, he's pretentious.
I is a boy, an offbeat, groovy musican with a dry sense of humor.
J is a boy, similar to D (they're friends), but a touch more athletic and popular.
K Here we have a female-to-male transsexual, who looks feminine and acts quietly macho. Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry is a classic K.
L is a quiet, churchgoing girl who needlepoints.
M is a brassy, masculine woman - but not a transsexual! Bette Midlerish.
N is an effeminate, but not transsexual, but maybe gay boy, who reads poetry and is very literary, but is not overbearing and pretentious like H.
O There's an O there, and he/she is white, which is why it looks like there isn't an O, and totally androgynous. A spacey ballerina/ballerino!
P is a guy and everybody loves him. Loyal, funny, life of the party.
Q is a golden, ladylike man.
R is a preppy boy, wearing a dark green and white striped rugby shirt.
S What a bitch! S is the queen of 8th grade, and she will trip you.
T is a girl, an exchange student from Spain. Very artistic.
U is a boy, very political, an activist, but somewhat quiet.
V is a boy, a complete fop. Vintage! Velvet!
W is a boy, friends with R. They're pretty interchangeable, really.
X is a boy, great friends with H. Who can talk louder? H can. Who's funnier? X is. X has more crossover appeal.
Y is a boy, a hippie skateboarder with blond hair.
Z is another boy, a musician again, like I, but I is funnier. I has short hair and Z has long hair. Z and Y agree, "It's all good." They reaffirm that with each other all the time.