Tina Rowley

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put THAT on your google-goggle

It's going to seem like I permanently live with my mom, here, and I don't. We're just getting our bathroom remodeled! It's temporary! But I was sitting and chatting with my mom tonight, and she was going on and on for some reason about how drinking alcohol WASTES YOUR LIFE. And I was talking over her, trying to get her to stop, like, "Mom. MOM. MO-OM." And she just kept talking louder and louder, giving this sermon apropos of nothing. I mean, I barely drink a drop these days. I can make a quarter of a glass of wine last for three hours. And finally, both our volumes reached the same height and somehow that was the magic off switch. But not before she tossed out there, "Put THAT on your google-goggle."

She was looking for "blog".