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on the other hand, the ice cream was so good it made me curse

When I was going to sleep last night, after having eaten peach ice cream from the Cold Mountain Creamery, I imagined how I would blog about it. And my headline was going to be:

Do you fuckballs like ice cream??

And my text was going to be:

Holy fuck, fuckballs! Fuck off!!! I just ate the best cocksucking ice cream of all time! Goddamn it, you cowardly bitches, go eat some! Jesus Frankin' Fuck!

That ice cream was so good, I was mad at the world.

Edit: It's not the Cold MOUNTAIN Creamery. It's the Cold STONE Creamery. Jude Law and that Oscar-winning hillbilly Renee Zellweger had nothing to do with it.

My bad.