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Welcome to the internet home of Tina Rowley. Here you'll find my blog, links to my other published writing, and whatever ends up climbing into the space I left blank for surprises.


These are the archives for The Gallivanting Monkey, and they link you back to the original site over on Blogger. (It's just as well that they do—the old site was easier to browse.) If you're planning on going in, I wish you a very good long plane trip, or car trip, or convalescence, or bout of procrastination, or space journey.  

P.S. I'm not going to throw you into these archives without some kind of life ring. A little overview will be provided from year to year that lets you know what I was generally writing about around then. 


No posts. Quiet work on a memoir.


Two red carpet posts. Otherwise the rest of the year was quiet as I was pondering my future and then dealing with calamities.

March 2015

January 2015   


I posted every Wednesday for the bulk of this year, little essay-like things on a different topic each week. You could do worse than wander around in 2014, archive-wise.

December 2014   

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January 2014  


Slim selection here, as I was recovering from an illness that knocked me out from mid-2012 until this spring. 

June 2013 

April 2013 

January 2013 


Look, I'll be honest. If I were looking to have a good time in somebody's archives, I would not look for those good times here. Noodling around, then absence-due-to-sickness.

December 2012 

May 2012 

February 2012 

January 2012 


Death, kindergarten, Osama Bin Laden, the Oscars, parenting, travel, etc. 

October 2011 

September 2011 

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February 2011 

January 2011 


September's got a couple of things. November, December. You'll need to be extremely bored to hit any other sights here in 2010. I'm just trying to look out for you. 

December 2010 

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January 2010 


The beginning of 2009 finds us in the middle of a fraught pregnancy that reaches the finish line safely in June. Lots of writing about the experience of pregnancy in the first half of the year, and then this bleary, second-time mom experiments with some other kinds of writing later on. 

December 2009 

October 2009  

September 2009 

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January 2009 


A brief pregnancy, a miscarriage, reckoning with the miscarriage, and then a new pregnancy. All the while I am EXTREMELY INTO BARACK OBAMA. Also, at the beginning of the year I was optimistically participating in something called Blog 365, where the idea is that you blog every day for a year. So if you're wondering who put a nickel in me in January and February, that's who. 

November 2008 

October 2008

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January 2008 

2007 & 2006

I'm a new mom during this span of time, and I'm blogging about that a lot. No need to type that twice for you, so the years are grouped together. Chronicling new parenthood, with a few blobs of other material. 

December 2007

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I started the blog in June. Everybody I knew was blogging, and I went nuts and blogged constantly for the sheer joy of it. Had no idea what I was doing. Even spam comments got a warm welcome and a thank-you-for-stopping-by. Got pregnant in August, and then my thoughts turned to morning sickness and impending parenthood. 

December 2005

November 2005 

October 2005 

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 June 2005 


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